Best Cash App Alternatives to Make Online Payments 2023 [ Updated ]

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Sending money online has eased out transfer problems. Online transactions have become a great part of our lives nowadays. From sending money to friends; to making online purchases with just a tap of our fingers, has become digital.

While Cash App is one of the best money transfer apps, there are other popular apps in the market which have gained a sufficient position in the competition.

Cash app is a digital mobile payment app for sending and receiving money. Using Cash App provides benefits just like a traditional bank system. You can issue your debit card, connect your bank account, and enjoy premium offers using the Cash App.

Square’s Cash App is an easy and effective way to send and receive money. Cash App comes with a lot of features to make your job easier.

While there is always the option to use the Cash app, you may have reasons for not using it. Let us see alternatives of Cash App which you can use in place of Cash App.

Best Cash App Alternatives to Make Online Payments 2021

Best Cash App Alternatives

There are many apps you can get that work in the digital world, just like Cash App. These apps and services may have some differences from Cash App but will get your works done. Let us see what these apps are:

  1. Zelle
  2. Paypal
  3. Venmo
  4. Google Pay
  5. Xoom
  6. Apple Pay
  7. Wise
  8. N26
  9. Facebook messenger
  10. Remitly 

We will go through the summary of each listed app and know more about them in this article. So, make sure you read it till last for some bonus tips too!

What is Zelle

Zelle is a peer-to-peer money transfer service to meet your personal money transfer needs. When you send money to someone through Zelle, money gets withdrawn from your bank account and directly reaches the recipient’s bank account.

Zelle is an excellent tool if you want to send and receive money from your family and friends. Most banks of the U.S participate in Zelle, so it is easy to use no matter with whom you bank.

If both the recipient and the sender are enrolled with Zelle, money gets transferred almost within minutes. 


        – Instant money transfer

        – Free transactions 

        – No wallet system

        – Can be used within your banking app

        – Money transfers directly in your bank account

        – Supports more than a hundred banks of the U.S


        – No protection from scams and fraud

        – Cannot use with Credit Card

        – No international transfers

        – For instant transfers, both the sender and recipient must be registered in Zelle.

What is Paypal?

PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to send, receive and pay for things securely. PayPal lets you send money directly from your bank account yet keeps your financial data safe.

PayPal lets you send money quickly and for free, in most cases. PayPal enables you to transfer money from your bank account to another once you link your bank account, credit card, or debit card to your PayPal account.

The best thing about PayPal is that it is secure, whether you need it for online shopping, sending money to people, splitting bills with your friends, or paying for groceries!



Free to some extent

Supports international payments


Instant transfers require a fee

Expensive fees for currency conversion

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What is Venmo?

Venmo is like a digital wallet. If you send money to someone through Venmo, it doesn’t go directly to their bank account. Instead, it reaches their Venmo wallet. Then they can add the money from their wallet to their bank account and use it.

Similarly, if the balance in the wallet is less, you need to load the wallet first by adding money from your bank account to Venmo before you can start using it.


Free to some extent

Send money all across the country

you can link a credit card


No international transactions are possible

Cannot chargeback or cancel a payment

Charges for instant transfers

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What is Google Pay?

Google provides amazing tools for your use and, Google pay is one such fantastic app you can use for sending and receiving money. If you have the Gmail address of the recipient, you can send money with just a few taps on your Google pay app. signing up on the app is also easy. If you have a google account, you are probably already signed up with Google pay.

It is well designed and n easy-to-use app. you do not need to pay any transactions fees with Google pay when you are not using your debit card.


Can be used internationally (selected countries)

Fast and secure

Easy to use

Make online purchases


Available only in a few countries.

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What is Xoom?

Owned by PayPal, Xoom is one of the best apps for sending small transfers internationally. One of the most significant advantages of Xoom is that people can receive cash directly in their hands if they opt for Cash pickups. Xoom might not be great with the fees compared to apps like Wise, but it is made for personal payments overseas. They may be limits based on the country you are sending your money from.


Physical Cash pickups are available

Bank to bank transfers


High fees

Extra charges for cash pickups, mobile reloads, or bills.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple pay is similar to Google Pay that is designed exclusively for iOS users. The benefit of using Apple Pay is high, mainly transfer limits and free transfers. 

Apple pay is a Peer-to-Peer mobile payments service, best for making personal payments to friends and families on the Apple ecosystem. Making payments with a credit card might cost you a fee. However, if you use your bank account or a linked debit card to make the payment, the transfer is usually free of cost.


Good for iOS users.

No extra free


3% credit card fees

Only available to iOS users

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What is Wise?

Wise is a digital payment app basically for international payments. It can also be used to make local payments. Charges for sending money internationally are less with Wise as compared to other international payment transfer options.

Wise is an easy-to-use app, and you can also use it with Google Pay and Apple pay by linking your Wise card to these apps. Charges are transparent with no hidden fees. Transfers are done using real-exchange rates except for the mark-up rates kept by most of the banks.


Low international transfer fee


Only send money to those with bank accounts

What is N26?

While Cash App works just like a digital bank, N26 is a digital bank. It is a leading one in Europe and the U.S.

You can send money to anybody in your contacts that are on N26 and for free of cost! You can create a current account, receive a salary, shop online, and make contactless payments with N26. You can also withdraw money from the ATM without a fee.


Free transfers in the U.S

Best for a digital bank


Not best for international transfers 

Facebook messenger

Another great way for sending and receiving money digitally is the Facebook messenger. All you need is a Facebook account and messenger app on your device. Link a bank account or your debit card to make payments easily with Facebook.

You can also request money from your friends on Facebook. It is an easy way to transfer payments. The funds will be sent through your linked bank account, your debit card. 


Easy to use

Private payment activity 


It takes five days to transfer money

Need to have a Facebook account


You might have heard of Remitly before. It is a payment service that lets you deliver or receive physical cash. You have multiple options of sending money, like, using your debit card or credit card or even your bank account.

You can also make digital payments directly to the recipient’s bank account.

Remitly lets you send money internationally with low physical cash pickup fees. 


Low Cash pickup fee


Only available to use in selected 17 countries.

How do Payment Apps Work?

A payments app makes your money transfers more accessible and hassle-free. 

Mostly, to use a digital money transfer app, you will be asked to sign up with the service. Once you sign up, you will be to use the apps for sending money.

Note: some apps might only send money if the recipient is enrolled in their app. it is best to do some background research before you use it for sending your funds.

Steps to send money through any transfer apps may vary, but most work on the same outline. 

Step 1. 

Go to the website or download the app. then, you need to set up your account by verifying your details. You might get asked to provide your email address, phone number, or ID.

Step 2

Choose and link a payment method. You can connect your debit card, credit card, or your bank account, depending on the app you are using. Some apps might not allow them to link a credit card.

Step 3

Start the payment. When you have selected the medium through which the money will be sent, you can start sending funds directly from the chosen app.

What payment app is best for me?

While Zelle, Venmo, and Cash App are some of the most popular apps in the U.S, there are also other apps to use. It depends mostly on your preference and the kind of payment you want to make.

Moreover, some of the apps have excellent features and offers. So, you make sure you read this article well and choose the best service for you.

We hope you are aware of the fact that most online payment apps do not provide buyer protection. So make sure you do not use the service to carelessly paying to someone you don’t know.

What to look for in a payment app?

To get the best for yourself, you have to compare and check which one best suits your requirements. If you want to make personal payments, Zelle and Venmo are good to go. For international payments, Wise and Remitly are good options.

Make sure you check and compare the rates and transaction fees of the apps. One cost-free option is Zelle which transfers money instantly and without any cost.

If you are looking for instant payments, avoid the services that take a few days to transfer your money.

Make sure you also choose a service with the best customer supports. If you face any problem in the transfer, you can quickly contact customer service and get immediate help.

Bottom Line For alternatives to cash app

Square’s Cash App is an easy and effective way to send and receive money. Cash App comes with a lot of features to make your job easier. But, it is not the only option you got in the market. So make sure you choose the best out of the listed ones we got for you.

We hope the article was helpful for you. Let us know!