Can You Have a Negative Balance on a Cash App

Written By Claire Dickey | Fact Checked ✅ By Morgan Richard

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You must be wondering why your Cashapp balance is showing in negative amounts. Let me tell you that you are on the right page to know in detail about it. Continue reading this article. 

Can You Have a Negative Balance on a Cash App? Fix Cash App Negative. 

Having a Negative Balance on Cash App is not a common thing. This is because the Cash App prevents you from overdrafts. But having a negative balance is also not unusual. If there are not sufficient resources in your Cash App to pay the late charges or the added tip, then the balance becomes negative. Charges that follow after purchase or secondary charges like paying tips nudge your balance to appear negative. 

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Why does your balance become Negative?

There are multiple reasons for the balance to become negative.

  • Your account may suddenly get loaded with cash from an unknown source. It may be some person accidentally transferred some money into your account, which he debits when he realizes it. This makes your account become negative if your previous balance was less than the amount the person sent by mistake. 
  • Following this situation, you did some online shopping. The seller did not deduct the money at the time of placing the order. But after shipping your goods, they deduct them from your account. At this time, your account has a minimum balance that you agreed to pay upon. This results in a negative balance.
  • Restaurants may also hold your account temporarily, then charge accordingly along with the tips. These circumstances make your balance plunge into a negative figure. 

How to fix Cash App Negative Balance? 

Although it is a rare thing to have a negative balance on a Cash App, if it happens, nothing to worry about! 

To fix the Cash App Negative Balance, reloading your account is the only solution. There are no other ways to get rid of the negative cash app balance. If the situation still persists, then you have to contact the customer care service. 

The good thing is Cash App does not charge you for your negative balance till now. 

Also, you can link another to the checking account. By linking the accounts, funds will get transferred automatically from the other account if your balance goes negative and can cover up the difference. In such a case, the bank will process the transaction, and some fees will be charged till you deposit the money to cover the difference. 

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Can you overdraft a Cash App card? 

CashApp is a debit card service through which one can make fast payments and add money wherever required in a store or in similar areas. Cash App cards always work in accordance with your Cash App wallet. It cannot be connected with your bank account. Practically, the account balance can go negative, not the debit card. But having a huge Cash App Negative Balance can automatically deactivate your Cash App card. 

So, we can say that Cash App is really a very useful app for making small payments in our day-to-day life. It carries all the necessary features that one can expect from an ideal payment app. But one should keep in mind about Cash App Negative Balance and its overdraft balance.