Can You Use Cash App Without SSN? Facts You Must Know !

Written By Claire Dickey | Fact Checked ✅ By Morgan Richard

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The cash app is an application developed by creators at the Square Inc. The cash app allows residents of the UK and the US to send and receive money without having to visit the bank.

The money can be easily deposited through any ATM around the corner once you’ve linked the money to your bank account.

Can you use The Cash App without SSN?

Can you use Cash App without SSN? Yes, the shortest possible answer to this question is– Yes, you can. But, using Square Cash App without SSN will make you appear as an unverified Cash App user.


SSN is an abbreviation for the social security number. To confirm your identity many payment apps require this information from its users. Although, many people disagree with the need for having to disclose their SSN to make or accept payments.

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SSN is the social security number of an individual. The cash app does require an SSN to give you access to unlimited features. Many people are intrigued by the fact that SSN is required by the cash app to proceed payment processes.

The reason SSN is required by the Cash app is to verify and validate a user’s identity. Many people create fake identities or illegally use identities of other people to proceed their payment process. To protect the application from any sorts of fraud, the cash app requires you to disclose your SSN information, although many people disagree with this policy of the cash app.

How to use a cash App Account without SSN?

Many people interrogate whether or not they can use the cash app without providing the application with their social security number or SSN. Though the answer is yes, it limits your use of the application. You cannot access a larger amount of payments if you don’t verify your account properly.

Can You Use Cash App Without SSN? Facts You Must Know !

Cash app does not let you disclose this information more than once. Once you verify your account from the start, you do not have to do it again. But, if you choose not to, you may only send and receive to a limited extent which is about $250 per week for sending limit and $1000 per month for receiving.

If you process this limit in a day with an unverified account, you will have to wait for another month to proceed further payment accepting and giving processes.

Why do I have to use my Social Security Number on Cash App?

There is a mandatory process for the user to put in their SSID and identification in order to prove that you are 18 years of age. Any amount transferring that has a high amount will ring up Cash App and the user must go through the steps.

How to verify Cash App without SSN?

Whether you like it or not, Cash App verification without SSN is not possible. As you navigate to the top of your profile page and further click on the personal tab, you’ll see Cash App prompts users to enter the billing address, date of birth, contact information, and social security number. In short, Cash App cannot verify your identity without your SSN. Get more information by contacting the Cash App team.

Can I get a free SSN for Cash App?

Please be aware that there is no free SSN for Cash App. You might find someone offering you a free Social Security number for Cash App verification because there are a lot of Cash App scams going around. You should stay far away from such people and be a wise person by avoiding scammers and liars.

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Asking for SSN On cash app but I’m under limit What To Do

You will need to provide some basic information to verify your Cash App before sending and receiving funds. I understand this can be a bit frustrating.


1- How can I secure my account on the cash app? 

You can secure your cash app account by verifying the email you have provided to your account info or adding a two-factor authentication code.

2- What is meant by a “cash app support”? 

A Cash app support would not require any additional information or verification of any kind from you, you would not have to make any sort of payments or any transaction.

3- Can I send repeat transfers without SSN? 

No, you will be unable to make repeat transfers without verifying your SSN on the cash app.

4 – How to Use Cash App Without SSN?

After logging into Cash App, you will find the option to enter a billing address, date of birth, contact details, and SSN on the personal tab. It means that without a Social Security Number a Cash App user cannot verify their identity.

5 – Why does Cash App ask for full SSN?

Users of Cash App are asked to verify their identity as part of the company’s comprehensive campaign to keep the app free of fraud and scams. Cash App also requires users to enter the last four digits of a social security number from their SSN in order to establish a full proof of identity.


Cash app makes the payment processes easier but it may have a few verification drawbacks to it. You can enjoy unlimited features by verifying your account on CashApp.