✅How To Delete Cash App Account on your iPhone? {Guide 2021}

Cash App is a popular money transfer service. Which has over 7 million subscribers? It is swift and hassle-free.

On the other hand, there are some customers who are unsatisfied with service. If you are one of those unsatisfied customers and want to delete their cash App account there are simple ways to delete your cash app account.

There are some steps you have to keep in mind. There is a different process to delete cash App account for phone and web. Follow below steps to know how to delete cash app account.


There are some important points one must remember before deactivation of your Cash App account.

  • You must download payment history to make sure that there is no pending payment in your Cash App account. You cannot delete the cash App account until the pending amount gets cleared. 
  • You have to cancel your Cash App subscription to stop upcoming month billing.

How To Delete Cash App Account on your iPhone-min

It is very simple to deactivate your Cash App account. All you have to do just follow steps given below

How To Delete Cash App Account on iPhone.

TO delete cash App account on your iPhone you should follow below given steps.

Step: 1 – Go to cash App on your phone.

Step: 2 – Tap on the Icon placed on topmost left on the Cash App home page.

Step: 3 –  On tapping Account menu will be displayed scroll down and find “cash support” and tap on it.

Step: 4 –  Scroll down and find something else”.

Step: 5 – Tap on “account settings”.

Step: 6 – Then tap on “close my cash App account”. It will deactivate your cash App account and you will be signed out of the cash app and confirmation of closure will be sent through SMS and email. Now you know how to delete cash app account permanently.

How To Delete Cash App Account on Cash App Website.

The number of users who use cash App on desktop and laptop is far less than cash App mobile users. Still the process of deactivation of cash App account on web is as easy as on mobile. First of all, you have to take same precautions mentioned above as before deactivation of cash App on mobile because You cannot deactivate your account until you clear all pending transactions. Therefore you have to download transaction history before deactivation of your account. If there is any pendency reflected you should clear it before delete cash app account.

To delete cash app account on website you should follow 6 steps

Step: 1 – Go to the cash App official website and login to your Cash App using your email address or your phone number.

Step: 2 – On the login, you will be redirected to your account dashboard.” Request sign-in code” button will appear on the page. Click on it and code will be sent on your website or on your phone.

Step: 3 – Enter this verification code and click on sign to confirm your identity.

Step: 4 – Open account and settings and go to personal information tab and scroll down the page then you will find “deactivate account” option.

Step: 5 – On selecting “deactivate account” you will be redirected to a page on which you have to give a reason for deleting your account. Choose the option accordingly which is suitable. Remember it is important to check that the message contains your full name, phone number, and email address.

Step: 6 – Cash App Customer support team will verify and confirm the deletion of your account. Cash app Contact  team can also request additional information if needed for deactivation of your account. 

How to delete cash App account from android phone

TO delete cash App account from your android mobile you have to follow same process as mentioned under article “how to delete cash App account on iPhone”. Because graphic user interface of the cash App is the same for iPhone and Android users. therefore all the process is same for android user.

So now you know how to delete a cash App account and you can see how easy to deactivate your Cash App account, therefore, no need to hesitate to try Cash App.

Why can’t I close my cash App account?

You can’t delete your account if there are any pending payments or deposits. That being said, you should send any pending funds and clear your account of any funds. You have to cancel your Cash App subscription and stop any upcoming month billing before you deactivate your Cash App account.

How do I clear my cash App log?

This brings up a full menu of options — tap “Support,” which is indicated by a question mark icon. This brings up a menu of options — tap “Something Else.” Next, tap “Account Settings” and you’re almost there. Tap “Close Account.

How do I permanently delete an cash app?

This brings up a full menu of options — tap “Support,” which is indicated by a question mark icon. This brings up a menu of options — tap “Something Else.” Next, tap “Account Settings” and you’re almost there. Tap “Close My Cash App Account.”

Can you reset your cash App?

Your Cash App and Cash Card PIN are the same. To reset your PIN: Tap the profile icon on your Cash App home screen.


If you’re one of the few folks who are feeling fed up with Cash App, you are probably on the lookout for ways to delete your Cash App account. Well, there’s nothing wrong if you have made your mind up and chose that you’ll no longer have to make use of Cash App. This really because the stage enables users to manage their accounts at the direction that they deem fit.

There are two methods to How To Delete a Cash App Account on your iPhone. You can either delete a Cash App on your own phone or through Cash App official website (contact page). While the unlocking procedure will vary depending on the procedure you choose, you’ll still attain the outcome, which is to delete your Cash App account.

Without further ado, let us see how exactly to do this technique in your phone or on Cash App official website.

How To Delete Cash App Account – Important Points Before

There really are always a number of points to take into account before deleting your Cash App account. They include:

  • Remember that you won’t have the ability to gain access to your payment history once you delete or restarting your Cash App account.
  • So you are able to download your payment history if you would like it for future reference.
  • You can not delete your account if there are any pending deposit or payments. That said, you should send any pending funds and clear your accounts of any funds.
  • You have to cancel your Cash App subscription and then stop any upcoming month billing until you liquidate your Cash App account.

Before Deleting Your Cash App Account From Phone ( Follow These Steps)

Step 1 — look at the Cash App official website and login to a Cash App account using your email address along with your phone number (use the one you used to start out your Cash App account).

Step 2— This world wide web page should take you to your accounts dash. A Request register Code will appear on your own page. Tap on it, and a code will be delivered to you via email or SMS, depending upon the information you provided when you were registering. This process needs to, but not be an issue if you do not have a bank card or even a Money Card.

Step 3 — Input this code and then tap on Sign In and confirm your individuality.

You should then scroll down to the bottom of the web page and select Deactivate Account.

Step 5 — You will be led to a page where you’ll be asked to provide an explanation for deleting your account. Simply choose your suitable reason and click Continue. It is vital to ensure that the message contains your whole name, phone number, and current email address.

Even the customer support team will subsequently get in touch with you personally and confirm whether the deletion of one’s Cash App account was successful or to request additional information where applicable to enable your account deactivation.

How to unlink and delete your Cash App account on your iPhone

The way to delete your Cash App account on your iPhone

  1. Open the Cash App. The app icon is green ..
  2. In case You have some money in to your accounts, be sure to transfer it to your bank before you continue. Do so by tapping on the cash amount at the bottom left hand corner, then tapping”Cash Out.”
  3. Tap the account menu icon at the upper-right hand corner. It is a circle with the figure of a individual’s head and shoulders init.
  4. Tap”Support,” at the End of the menu icon. Its icon is now a question mark.
  5. At the bottom of the new menu icon, then tap”Something .”
  6. Scroll to the bottom with this brand new menu and then pat on”Account Settings.”
  7. It should really be fourth from the floor.
  8. Harness “Confirm Closing Account.” This will sign you outside of the Cash App. A text or email confirmation will be delivered to you to demonstrate you have unlinked your own account. Make certain that you get this email before you reboot into the app.

9. The Apps on your screen begins to shake, and also a little”x” will appear From the top-right hand of each app. Tap the one onto the Cash App to Delete the app from your phone.

How to Delete Your Cash App Account within the Phone?

Additionally, it is possible to delete the Cash App account over your phone within the program’s app. That is possibly the simplest way, therefore let us see how exactly to start it.

Step 1 — Open the Cash App in your phone.

Step 2— In case you’ve cleared the funds from your accounts, you can then tap the circular icon resembling a person at the top left corner to display the Account Menu.

Step 3 — you ought to then scroll down on the accounts menu and tap on’Cash Support’ Scroll down and tap something Else’ menu.

Step 4 — About the’another thing,’ scroll down and tap ‘Account Settings.’

Step 5 — you need to then tap on Close tab from Account. This is always to basically concur you want to deactivate your Cash App account. You’ll be signed out of the Cash App, and also a delete confirmation will be sent to you via your current email or through SMS.


Since you may see, deleting your Cash App account is a very straightforward procedure. Whether you choose to delete it through the Cash App web site or over your phone, any method should work seamlessly. Simply adhere to the above mentioned processes, and you will be all set.

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