Where Can I Get Cash Back With Cash App Card? Best 3 Stores [ Updated ]

Written By Claire Dickey | Fact Checked ✅ By Morgan Richard

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Cash App offers you the freedom to buy anything you want, with a simple tap of your smartphone. This is the only app Where Can I Get Cash Back With Cash App Card on your everyday purchases, and you can even earn extra rewards on everyday purchases using our Cash App Card. The more you spend, the more you save!

Cashbacks are a great way of saving money when you are purchasing or paying for something. Cashbacks work by crediting a percentage of payment back to you. There can be various discounts from 5% to even 50% sometimes.

If you are a Cash App user and want to enjoy Cashback benefits, you must have a Cash Card.

A Cash Card functions just like a debit card which you can use to make purchases. Just pay using your Cash Card at stores or restaurants that offer cashback.

What is a Cash card?

Cash App allows you to apply for a debit card which you can use to make payments. Making Cash Card is free. When you spend money using your Cash card, money will get withdrawn from your Cash App balance.

The Cash card is a Visa Debit card that works like a debit card for making purchases. You can use the card almost anywhere Visa is accepted.

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Where Can I Get Cash Back With Cash App Card

Well, you already know that you can use your Cash Card as a debit card to make payments. Therefore, if a store is offering cashback on debit cards, you can try your luck with your Cash card.

Often stores provide some Cashbacks with some limitations. Once you meet their terms, you can avail the cashback benefits. Some stores may have a minimum purchase amount to get a cashback benefit.

Here are Some of the stores:

Grocery stores: some grocery stores provide you a cashback benefit when you purchase with a debit card. Just swipe your debit card and enter the PIN when you checkout.

Gas stations: some gas stations also let you swipe your debit card to make payments and avail of cashback benefits. Some of the gas stations where you can check for this feature are:

        – 7-Eleven

        – BP

        – Chevron

        – Citgo

        – Circle K

        – Marathon

        – Phillips 66

        – Shell

Note: these are independently run franchises, and policies may vary from store to store. It is better to find it out ahead of time.

Departmental stores: some departmental stores let you earn cashback. Some of the stores where you can check out are:

        – Costco

        – Target

        – Walmart 

        – Walgreens

        – Rite Aid

Make sure you find out if they are currently offering the cashback benefits or not before you process to checkout.

Can I Get Cash Back with Cash App Card?

A Cash Card works just a debit card that you can use for making purchases.

If a store offers cashback, you can use a Cash card to make payments and win the cashback in your Cash App account. 

You can also use the boosts feature of the Cash app to earn Cashbacks.

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What is a boost on Cash App?

Bost is a Cash App feature that gives you instant discounts on your bills when using the Cash Card with hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, or other merchants. With a boost, you can get instant cash backs and can save at least 15% money.

You can even boost your Amazon payments, bitcoin transactions, online purchases, or groceries. To use a boost on Cash App, you must have a Cash card.

How does a boost work?

Boosts with Cash App provide you instant cashback when you are making purchases with your Cash card. You can use it with restaurants, online purchases, grocery stores, and many more.

You need to turn on the boost manually as the Cash App does not set it automatically.

Boosts get updated regularly, and you can get a variety of offers with them. Some boosts can get you a percentage off, while others can give a flat dollar amount off. From time to time, the feature gets updated in the Cash app.

How to use the boost option on Cash App?

Boosts on Cash App are easy to activate. However, you can only use one boost at a time.

To start saving money with Cash App boosts, follow the steps:

  1. Launch the Cash app on your device.
  2. Click on the cart icon from the bottom of your home screen.
  3. Now click on “save with boost.”
  4. Look through the available boosts and select your preference.
  5. Tap on “Activate boost” to activate a boost of your choice.
  6. You can see the logo when the boost is active.

Once the boost is activated, it will be applied when you use the Cash card for making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay Debit Card?

Yes You can here are the simple Steps

  • Open the Apple Wallet app in your phone.
  • Click on “Make a Payment” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on “Add Account.”
  • Under “Card,” click on “Debit.”
  • Click on “Use Another Card.”
  • Select your Debit card and then click on “Continue.”
  • Next, choose the payment amount and complete your transaction. (You can also use the Debit card to pay for items online.)

Does Cash App Charge For Cash Back?

Cash App does not charge any fees or commissions for cashback. It is a service offered by certain retailers and banks to help you earn cashback through your purchases.

Cash App Cash Back Limit?

Cash App offers 1% cashback on your first $5,000 spent each month on eligible purchases.

Can You Get Cash Back With Venmo Card

Yes, you can get cash back with Venmo Card. This is similar to getting cash back on purchases made with a debit card. It’s a great way to earn points when you’re shopping online. You can also redeem them for gift cards or vouchers. However, you need to use the Venmo Card to make a purchase to get cash back, so you won’t get any cash back if you’re only spending on Amazon.


Since the Cash app card works just like a debit card, you can use it at retail shops to make payments.

If the stores are offering Cashback benefits, you can use your Cash Card to make payments and avail of the benefits. You can also use your Cash card to withdraw money from the ATM, just like a debit card!

Cash app boosts are another way to avail of cashback benefits. With boosts, you can earn instant cashback at selected retailers, groceries or restaurants, and more.

Cash back can be a great way to save money and earn rewards without any upfront costs. However, most people don’t know how to get free cash back, let alone the best ways to do it.

There are many different companies that offer cash back and there’s no reason you can’t earn more than one of them. Here are the top 5 places where you can get cash back with your card.