Serena Williams Fronts New Cash App Campaign Promoting Financial Literacy 2023

Written By Claire Dickey | Fact Checked ✅ By Morgan Richard

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Serena Williams has partnered with Cash App to empower her fans to take control of their finances. The partnership will feature the Cash App’s first brand campaign, “That’s Money,” demonstrating that you can achieve financial freedom with Cash App, featuring iconic athletes like Serena and N.F.L. star Odell Beckham Jr. to help fans become financially free.

The most advanced money transfer and banking apps take the headache out of managing your day-to-day banking so you can get back to living life.

The advertisement, created with the creative agency R/GA ( Cash App Partnerships ), depicts Serina Williams returning home after a night out. In the scene, she opens the Cash App on her cellphone to settle payment for the babysitter.



  • Nick Ace – Head of Brand Design
  • Blazo Calovic – Executive Creative Director
  • Andrei Chahine – Creative Director
  • Heather Brodie – Principal Copywriter
  • Erica Bech – Art Director
  • Catherine Ferdon – Head of Marketing and Brand
  • Alex Bentley – Business Lead
  • Zack Ashley – Global Head of Brand Partnerships
  • Aaron Goldwyn – Sports Partnerships
  • Liang Shi – Head of Social Marketing
  • Dyan Khor – Head of Growth Marketing
  • Anthony Koh-Bell – Senior Growth Marketing Manager
  • Ricky Vega – Head of Production
  • Matt Van Dzura – Creative Producer

cash app commercial song 2022 has been used, as we Heard about.

59% of Black Americans have used Cash App. The fintech has pursued them with partners like Kendrick Lamar, Megan Thee Stallion, and Serena Williams.

why do black people use cash apps?

Ans: Cash App or any other financial service is not exclusive to any racial or ethnic group. People of all backgrounds use various payment platforms based on personal preferences, convenience, and other factors.

Generalizing usage based on race can perpetuate stereotypes and is not accurate.

It’s essential to recognize that individuals’ choices regarding financial services are diverse and influenced by individual circumstances rather than race.

Here is The Video

“I am a huge proponent of financial independence, education, and accessibility,” Williams says. “I want to use my platform to raise awareness around the opportunities money management tools like Cash App have to offer.

I couldn’t be more excited about working with Cash App and its partners, and I am thrilled that we got this exciting opportunity in front of the right audiences.

“The best thing about cash apps is how easy it is to get cash back for free, no matter what you’re buying or doing, even when you’re not shopping, and there’s never a minimum purchase required.

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